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to train you and your entire staff on Identity Theft Procedures and bring your office to full compliance with the FTC mandated Red Flags Rule. The training is easy and only takes 1 hour. By the conclusion, all of your employees will be signed off in your office’s handbook that your facility is 100% compliant.

"The final rules require each financial institution and creditor that holds any consumer account, or other account for which there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of identity theft, to develop and implement an Identity Theft Prevention Program (Program) for combating identity theft in connection with new and existing accounts. The Program must include reasonable policies and procedures for detecting, preventing, and mitigating identity theft and enable a financial institution or creditor to:

  1. Identify relevant patterns, practices, and specific forms of activity that are “red flags” signaling possible identity theft and incorporate those red flags into the Program;
  2. Detect red flags that have been incorporated into the Program;
  3. Respond appropriately to any red flags that are detected to prevent and mitigate identity theft; and
  4. Ensure the Program is updated periodically to reflect changes in risks from identity theft."
"Agencies Issue Final Rules on Identity Theft Red Flags" 
     Federal trade Commission. 31 Oct 2007.  Web. 16 Sep. 2010.

We require that all AMO Vendors and staff are fully licensed , accredited, background checked, referred by other Doctors and are in full compliance with, HIPAA, OSHA, Privacy Act and Identity Theft Prevention regulations.


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VendorGuard® respects the doctor's and practice manager's time by eliminating the need to speak with vendors.

VendorGuard® provides medical facilities the ability to sign up for free, and automatically have a relationship with every vendor they need to build or run a practice.

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We will send a representative to train your facility on Identity Theft Procedures and sign off on your facility being compliant with the FTC Red Flag Rule.

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Allows you, the doctor or practice manager an easy way to turn away a pesky vendor.

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